The final rush has finished, all assignments have been submitted. I feel a bit nostalgic and reflective….But recently I’ve  made friends with dissertation, which keeps me in good shape  🙂

Just want to summarise my 8 month in Leeds Met.


  • It was great to meet so many international students with different backgrounds. I really enjoyed the stories about traditions, people, religion, habits. Despite  this fact I suppose we get on very well and this experience make us more open-minded, which certainly will help in business life
  • The educational system is mostly built on independent studies  therefore I learnt many skills like finding some particular information from huge amount of resources, self-discipline, time-management and etc
  • My English has improved to the certain extent, but still  I have my hands full and it’s too earlier to relax. I really want to speak several languages fluently. I’ve just started to learn French again and again 🙂
  • The teacher’s attitude to the student and  willing to support us.
  • Brilliant organization of  a studying process and lot’s of facilities.

My expectation that didn’t exceeded:

  • More practical approach and probably some field marketing work
  • More lectures or even seminars with marketing specialists
  • Sometimes it was hard to choose the group, because we haven’t seen each other before and have no clue about personalities therefore not everyone contribute adequately.  But I was lucky, cause almost all my group works were great and useful.

 I really want to thank all my teachers and classmates for such an excellent experience. I suppose I will miss this time in future, although it was not easy….


Vlogging it’s relatively new form of blogging for which the media is video. Vlogs are usually accompanied with text and images.  Like a text blog, a videoblog is updated regularly, typically includes personal reflections, often contains comments on other sites, and offers a simple mechanism for subscription and delivery through RSS feeds.

Vlog example


 I suppose vlogging is a child of podcasting and it’s more interesting, attractive and entertaining. The tools to create videoblogs are becoming more common, less expensive and better known to vlogers.  Camera-capable cell phones and digital cameras that can record short video sequences make it relatively easy to acquire and post video to the Internet. As content capture and editing tools become more prevalent and easier to use, digital video might become a significant communications channel. Just as consumers are using phones for sound recordings and submitting them to Web sites that dynamically turn their files into a podcasts, the same could happen for video and associated videoblogs.


Vlogging is more natural, because we can see face expression, mimicry and it reminds me nonvirtual form of communication like lectures, conferences and etc. For some people it’s easier to perceive video information therefore vlogging is another effective PR instrument for company in order to gain target audience.

Personally the writing way of expression ideas is easier and less time consuming. But I really enjoy watching videoblogs.






Branding in art

One of the main aims of my dissertation are answering questions:  how does artist become brand name nowadays and what is a process of brand building  in art world? Is it exceptional talent, communication skills and charisma? Or good marketing, PR and management? Or probably a combination of all the things? A few days ago I was reading interviews of famous contemporary artists. As it seems to me a key Russian figure, who famous worldwide is Oleg Kulik. His artworks are quite provocative, shocking  and probably impress somebody. But what makes him famous? From my point of view- the scandals and dark PR he created.


Kulik used to go in public places in Moscow and act like a dog. For example he would stand in front of a big shop, naked, and bark so much that it would prevent people from getting in. The performances were filmed, and always ended by the police taking him away. Often the people watching the crazy artist would play his game and treat him like a dog, but he would never let himself be stroked. So it gave a very absurd and violent representation of communication.


Does it mean that every artist should show off and behave like a violent madman? Or probably it’s an expectation of audience? Food for thoughts…



I suppose everyone has some stereotypes about a particular country. For instance, many Russians think, that in UK it’s always raining and foggy. In reality of course sometimes it’s raining, but I saw a real frog only once.

So what are the main myths about Russia and Russian people? The first thing, that comes to foreigner’s mind, that it too cold in Russia and everybody asked me when I get freeze:” How come? You are from Russia, you get used to cold! ” And if I wear warm clothes people are also surprised. But I was shocked when I saw a British girl wearing slippers in -5 )))))))

Is it really cold in Russia? Certainly it depends on the part of country. Generally, the lowest is minus 10 or 15 Celsius in the winter, though it might sometimes (rarely) go as low as minus 25 or 30, but even that is not very cold, because it’s not humid. And I love Russia winter because it incredibly beautiful and high level of snow gives me a possibility to  enjoy skiing.


My dissertation topic is Art Marketing. Several days ago I started research concerning how artists were selling their product online? The most amazing thing nowadays is quick and free access to huge amounts of information. I was really happy when Youtube offered me 1130 results in search of art marketing. In library there is only 1 book, that 100% appropriate to my topic….

What is the conclusion then? New media is ruler 😉